"Luke didn't push Vader!"

"Well, he should have."

It was a very Twilight Zone weekend, it just flew by. I managed to get some interview questions written and sent off to the appropriate recipient, see my first ominous flakes of snow, get positively NO work done, catch up on my favorite t.v. shows online, and pick up a stray dog in the parking lot of my church today. She is sitting in a borrowed crate now, snoring away, all full of borrowed food. We had to give her a bath, as she stank to high heaven.

I have to be honest, I am not a dog person. And it's a big sacrifice to have to keep Royal and Ethel (Our two cats) locked away in my office so they don't get eaten or chaos doesn't ensue. But it's worth it. We'll find her a home somewhere, and in the meantime, I don't have to wonder if she's been hit by a car or eaten poison or suffered some other terrible fate. If we hadn't done something, surely it would've haunted me.

Plus, she's really really cute.