"Niagara Falls"

NOTHING brings on the waterworks for me quite like Charles Dickens', "A Christmas Carol". Happy tears, sad tears, tears of emotion regarding the holiday season. They all come pouring out whenever I watch or read any interpretation of this particular story. I'm sure that would make for some great psychoanalysis of my psyche. And it's always my first Christmas movie of the season. So I opened the floodgates yesterday and watched, "A Muppet's Christmas Carol". And what do you know...wept like a child. (Doesn't hurt that Michael Caine is one of my favorite actors in the world. That man can do no wrong.)

Even in parts where you're not meant to cry, I do. It just strikes some kind of chord with me, the story itself. Then add the Muppets, one of the single most prevalent artifacts of my childhood and you can just forget it.

The interesting news is, even circling the season this year feels different. I feel cheerful, lighter, and am more looking forward to the season this year than I ever have before. Which is interesting, and definitely bears further scrutiny. Because I assure you, like the rest of the world right now, we're quite poor. SO poor, in fact, that Jake and I let everyone know we won't be buying gifts this year, but will instead be sending out a special surprise with our Christmas card that will use our talents, and take loads of time to put together. SO for once, FOR ONCE, I am excited and not feeling pressure to scrimp to buy impersonal trinkets and gift cards. And it feels really really good.

On that note, let's get happy! Here comes Christmas, may it be the best one we've ever had!!!