"We're rebuilding for you!"

You know how every time you drive by some crummy fast food joint that's remodeling, they try to make you feel guilty about complaining about construction? That's the sign they always have up, as if to say, "We're doing it for YOU, fatty!".

You don't? That's weird. Anyway, I moved "Geeks Have All The Fun". Obviously, I guess. Typepad wasn't my favorite.

I'll try to change all my links and notify all parties concerned (I think like, 2 people...) but I might be in a transition phase for a while. I liked the look of Typepad better, but the service was so random. And I have lost all my comments, which makes me sad. But that's okay...moving along.

I have much more inportant things to discuss, like X-files episodes and the new Wonder Woman movie, but they'll have to wait whilst I finish work setting up shop here.