Women Like Her...

...make me realize that it truly is possible to make a career out of exactly whatever it is on this green earth that you want to do for a living. That red hair says to me, "I have my hair this color, because I do not work in an office." I always seem to long for extreme looks, and I've gone for them in the past, but I find my sense of style adventure is waning in recent years.

I'm always saying to myself, "I shouldn't go for that pink streak or bright white chunk or rockabilly style, because I never know when I might have to fold and go back to working an office job." Which let's face it, is not very self-confident. Not that I hated office work, but I'm very entrepreneurial at heart. Always have been, always will be. So check this page out, and behold the bravery, the moxie, the chutzpah of this pirate woman.



P.S. When I look at her page, I can't help but sing to myself the "Professional Pirate" song from, "Muppet's Treasure Island".