Geeks Have All The Fights

Okay, "fight" is a strong word for what just occurred. "Amusing disagreement" would be more like it. It all started because my favorite time of year to watch the, "Back To The Future" trilogy is January. It's the absolute perfect cure for post-Christmas blues. Have to take down the tree and get back to work? Watch BTTF and "feel the power of love". I swear by this cure. (It also doesn't hurt to do some major cleaning this time of the year. So Jake and I have been dusting the interiors of cabinets and reorganizing closets all day long...to be fair, we may both be a little on edge and may have minor cases of cabin fever.)

At any rate, I noticed something I've never noticed before this year. In the opening sequence of the first film, they pan past all of Doc Brown's clocks. An excellent foreshadowing device in a time travel movie. By the way, why exactly does Doc have a gigantic amp in his garage? Just curious.

So they're panning past the clocks, and I see a model of the clock tower with a man hanging off of one of the hands. As you know, this happens to Doc Brown later in the film. Likely it was a little wink of an addition done by those behind the scenes. It's probably not meant to be taken literally as though it's meant to be a part of the mythology of the films. But it got me thinking, and it got Jake and I talking...

I take the position that time is cyclical. There must always be the two versions of what happens to Marty and Doc and everybody in the films. In order for things to end well, they have to start badly and Marty MUST go back in time. Otherwise, things stay less than ideal for the McFly clan. And obviously, by the end of the film, Doc has opened Marty's letter telling him about the Libyans. So it's entirely possible that Doc himself made the model of the man hanging off the clock tower that appears in the opening credits.

Jake says no way. Completely impossible. But what I am thinking is that perhaps Doc WAS wearing the bullet proof vest the first time the Libyans come around and he just played dead because he knows that Marty must go back in time for everything to turn out the way that it does in the end, the best for all concerned. Except Biff, naturally.

What do you think? I can't get enough of this movie...or these types of discussions.