I'll never judge another actress again...

I don't really fancy myself an actress, honestly I don't. But I've secretly judged them for their yoga addictions and their no carb diets for years now. I used to be in a drama dept. in college, and I was the only girl in any of my classes who didn't look like I just came off the beach or the O.C. or the Miss America pageant brochure. At least, that's how I felt. But when your onscreen in any way at all, it's really hard not to want to implode with embarassment over how you look. So I can understand why they would obsess over they way they look from any given angle.

Just to be clear, in the videos that follow, I am NOT playing myself. Though I could understand how some could find it confusing. The character of "Donnie" was written by Jake about six years ago as a part of a mockumentary script he did entitled, "Oldenburg". The movie centers around a psychiatrist and his band of neurotic patients. I think it would make an excellent t.v. show.

What follows is something we just sort of did spontaneously this summer. We planned for a couple of days, and then just decided to improv off some basic ideas. These videos were the result. We're not claiming they're comedy gold, but what's interesting is that we like this little random thing it took us two days to shoot WAY more than the huge student film he/we did in October with tons of resources, an HD camera that used to belong to George Lucas, and a full crew. Funny, huh?

Being Liza

Being Liza: Hook's Revenge

Being Liza: Outtakes