New Theme Park Website

Because you know I can't get enough.


I would LIVE in a theme park if I could. I got engaged at a theme park. There hasn't been a summer of my life where I haven't been to at least one. I'm 26, and I STILL want to be in one of those cheesy 80's songfest stage shows. I want a Samatha Brown type show ONLY about theme parks, and maybe a little funnier...

So much of what I pitch when it comes to my freelance writing is theme-park based. You'd be amazed. But there's not a huge market for theme park writing, certainly not normally and definitely not in this economic climate.

So I then find out that Jake goes to grad school with the man in charge of this website. Suddenly, I'm pitch-crazy again. Lobbing ideas at this poor man left and right. Web videos, interviews, written stories. The idea of going to a theme park for a purpose, for a story, for a job...it really reveals the ambitious side of me.

To have the smell of cinnamon buns and wet ashpalt be a part of my daily life...to hear the contented and giddy screams of people searching for the controlled high that only a roller coaster can provide...to see people walking around soaking wet with nobody even batting an eye...to see families unplugged from computers and cell phones, to see a place lit up like Christmas in the middle of the summer, well, that's worth it to me. It's worth the 5 dollar french fries and the ridiculously expensive bottled water and the less than desirable conditions of the bathrooms and the sometimes rotten teen employees.

Yes, there's something about going through a turnstyle that can make you feel like you've been transported much farther away than you actually are. It's a unique shared experience, a place where everyone goes to have FUN on purpose. You can hardly say that about anywhere else anymore. The park is for exercising. The movies are mostly for angst anymore. Don't even get me started on the shared experiences of commerce today. But a theme park, ah...that's where everyone should be having fun. Even if it's not working out for whatever reason, it's the idea behind the whole thing that I love so well.