Saturday Night Videos

I didn't get around to these on Friday, so here they are tonight. This week I shall take you to the heights of excitement and bring you down gently with some of the most soothing 80's English pop you've ever laid ears on, only to leave you with one final note of pure 80's joy. It'll be like a fine meal in a four star restaurant.

What can one say about Prince's "Batdance"? One might note the Spinal Tap "first ever jazz fusion" vibe going on. There's the modern/interpretive dance troupe angle. There's the trademark Prince "I'm singing in harmony with 50 of myself" sound. There's just...so much to love. Oh sure, you laugh now...but this was the height of cool at one point in time.

Perhaps you are experiencing minor convulsions from what you just watched. Maybe the awesomeness was just too much. You should watch this to relax. It's still awesome, but in a much more soothing way. I do believe the PetShop boys should release some meditation albums. You know, for yoga.

And our pitch perfect finish starring one of my biggest 80's crushes...

But wait! I have one final horror to unleash upon you based on something Jen posted on her blog this week...consider it your after dinner mint. muahahahaha!

And as Levar Burton would say, "We'll see ya next time."