So many Khans, so little time.

"Quick!" she thinks to herself, "Post some random Trek stuff to get the attention off of the videos you just posted of yourself."

Jake and I rented, "The Wrath of Khan" last night because he'd never seen it. And I recalled this clip that I found on Youtube while searching for the preview for Star Trek II a few weeks ago. This makes me giggle...I hope you get it.

Then there's the tribute from the far too short-lived series, "The Critic"

Many Khans, one Picard. Might as well put this up too, goodness knows it's stuck in my head often enough...

And the song and dance that everyone asks me about when I show them this, "What episode is that from?" No episode, it's what the kids today would call a "blooper".

And lastly, one more Critic reference...