"That hurt...but it looked really good."

As a writer, almost ALL of what I love and what I want to talk about comes from my family and friends in one way or another. I had a really amazing childhood/high school life/college friendships that really empowered me, and I'd wager all geeks are geeks because of their experiences growing up and socializing. Recently, one of my sisters told me that this little blog really makes her smile. Especially anything that has to do with the 80's. So I've decided to make my "Friday Night Videos" post a regular weekly contribution.

From now on, every Friday I'll post not only a link to my weekly column over at "Forces of Geek" (Which is likely to be about something from the 80's at least 50% of the time.) but also a couple of my favorite videos from the 80's. I can't possibly think of a better way to kick off a weekend...

Also, I have a lot of sisters. There are my biological ones, Heather and Leanne, who I've really grown close to all over again as I've become an adult. But there are a few other categories, I have sisters from other misters (Aron, Adam, etc.) and I have...I guess what I would call, "soul sisters". (But you have to say the "soul" part of that like the guy says it at the beginning of "Soul Train".) That would be Lauren, Jen, Heather, Meredith, Sarah, etc., and there's also people who I'm close enough to that I might as well be related to, namely Lindsay and Dana. There's another category too, sisters I've never met, but who I really think are awesome. A la "Peaches Magee" and "Housewife In Hollywood" and a few others that I've met via Myspace. What should I call them? Pointer Sisters? Anyway...I'm sure you're getting my point.

I'm so lucky too, because they're all so fun that it's ridiculous. Those are really the people I want to write for, whether I'm doing a script or a column or just a blog. They're the people that I think of when I see something funny or cool or amazing. They're the ones I call, the ones I just HAVE to tell. And let's face it, they're all absolute geeks...which makes me really proud.

I still want Romy's Star Trek dress...and oh man, I can't BELIEVE that in less than 2 years it will be time for my very own high school reunion. Time flies when you're getting old.