Trek Geeks still at bottom of social food chain

Geek Monthly included angry Star Trek Geeks in their February list of, "stuff they could do without", along with annoying insurance mascots.

All I can say is, what's new? Trek geeks are ALWAYS at the bottom, always the first to induce eye-rolling, proving that everybody needs somebody to pick on. Even society's uncool. To be fair, I bet the editors of GM have received roughly a blue million pitches for columns or articles from Trekkie writers the country over, all about their hesitations on the new Trek film. I know he got at least one from me. I bet those get old really quickly, as we all likely make the exact same points. Repeatedly.

And Trek fans do have a reputation for being extra sassy. But honestly, people talked about the third X-Men from the moment Ratner was assigned to direct and still haven't shut up about how terrible it was. Or what about all the raging Star Wars prequel arguments that go on continuously, and likely will until the very end of time?

Ah, but nobody turns on their own kind more quickly than geeks. Except maybe sharks, and the easiest target is always the Trekkie. We're like the Steve Urkels of the pop culture world. Pointing out that any brand of geek may complain too much is like running around and telling everyone the sky is blue. To top it all off, the things J.J. Abrams is saying openly (and has been for months) about Trekkies, it's like he WANTS to make us mad. He's definitely asking for it.

I honestly think that Trekkies are complaining and discussing their worries just as much as anyone does before a big movie comes out. The only real point is, if you could do without hearing Trekkies complain, then you should probably just stay off the Trek based message boards. Unless you're an editor, in which case, you have my genuine sympathies until all the buzz dies down.