Don't let me down...Bruce.

Jake and I were really intrigued by the Springsteen halftime show during the Superbowl. I know nothing about the man outside of the basic facts, and I've never been a fan. I've never been a non-fan either, but I was really blown away by his performance. It made me feel the way I felt watching Duran Duran live, really happy and excited. His music seemed to be so without angst, but not devoid of meaning either.

And hey, he had some of the guys from Conan O'Brien's band...bonus points in my eyes. Jen has started to introduce me to the man, or should I say "the Boss" and she's the one who introduced Lauren to U2 who then introduced ME to U2, who then proceeded to become the soundtrack of my life for many years. So I have high hopes for Bruce.

Anyway, it occured to me that I can pinpoint the PRECISE moment that I decided not to take Bruce Sprinsteen seriously. (By the way, I used to spell it "Sprinstein".)

When I was about 14, I used to babysit one of my nephews at my sister's place. She had cable. At the time, the Ben Stiller Show was popular, on MTV I believe. And I have always remembered this clip and took it to mean that Springsteen was a silly sort. Because when you're 14, you give more creedence to things like this when forming opinions. The part of my brain that analyzes satire must not have been fully developed yet.

Anyway, I hadn't seen this clip since that day over a decade ago until I searched for it on YouTube today. And that's the story of me and Bruce Springsteen up to this point. One last thing, Youtube videos are being finnicky about appearing on my site lately, (Noticed the same problem over at failblog.org) so just in case, here's the link.