Friday Night Videos and the new U2

First and most importantly, I heard the new U2 single today "Get On Your Boots" for the first time. I have to say that I really liked it, a lot actually. I can also see how it will grow on me tremendously as I listen to it time and time again the way I typically do whenever I get new (or new to me) U2. Funny enough, it reminds me a lot of their single from Batman Forever, it has that edgier sound. Kind of reminds me of "Desire" too in the sense that it makes me wish I was an action heroine. I've always desperately wanted to film an all female wild-west shoot out scene set to that song. With the women dressed as legitimate cowboys, not "gross Halloween costume for girls who want to show off their bodies" cowboys. No red lipstick. Anyway...

Unfortunately, I don't have great things to say about the accompanying video for the single. It's very early 90's Bond film, and I don't mean that in a good way. It's downright silly actually. But that's okay, they could probably never do anything to lose my love.

So on to tonight's selection of Friday Night Videos. This week, I decided to go with the theme of songs that I simply can't believe actually exist. They're just all so weird and silly...and yet they get stuck in my head so often. I have many happy memories associated with these songs. Walking around with my sisters at King's Island and singing them, driving to my marathon in St. Louis with Amber, and just "partying all the time" in general.

My favorite thing about that video is all the confirming looks that Eddie gets from Rick James and the crowd in the sound booth. Everyone's just like, "Oh man, this is SO amazing!"

Jake's main memory of this song is when it was featured in a Disney Haloween special in the mid-80's. This is one of the WEIRDEST songs/video ever made, I love it so much...by the way, Rockwell is Barry Gordy's son, hence Michael Jackson's chorus. It's just all so Monster Mash! When I hear it, I'm just sure that the whole reason Rockwell wanted to do this is because he thought he could repeat the success of "Thriller". The special bonus is Rockwell's oh so proper pronunciation of the word, "hair".

Moving along...

Wait a minute, I'M from the U.S. nation...it just makes it so much more relatable. How 'bout the dress on that girl too, eh? Personally, I genuinely miss 80's rap, like Run DMC. I feel like if Biz Markie would start rapping again, it could bring peace to the world. Because you just CAN'T be mad when you're listening to this stuff. And I haven't seen him since his cameo in Men In Black II. Where are you Biz??? The world needs you.