Friday Night Videos - Early Edition

I've got tomorrow's column to finish about Princess Leia's bikini...and I'm just too distracted thinking about which videos I'm going to post for Friday Night Videos. So I'll just do it now. Happy Early Birthday.

This week I'm focusing on 80's artists whose work is very lasting, genuinely touching, or bands featuring artists who have moved on to do even better work. (Will feature a couple of examples of this at the bottom of the blog.) I thought I owed you something with a little dignity after last week's M.C. Hammer-fest.

The Talking Heads seem to be one of those bands that people either love or hate. For the record, I love them. A lot. Byrne was always creative, as evidenced by the following video. But wait until you hear what he's been up to lately.

I never get tired of this next guy's voice. He's Colin Hay and I feel bad for him that he's mostly known as the guy from "that Australian 80's band". Because he's actually really phenomenal, and I think worthy of a Sting-sized following.

The next couple of songs just melt my heart every single time I hear them...and even though the videos are kind of unintentionally funny because they're from the 80's...the music hits me right in my emotions for some reason. I think they capture the ridiculous angst of young love extremely well. Heart melting, I say...

And of course...this one has the same strange effect on me. Maybe it's the very Dana Carvey/Rick Moranis thing he has going on. There's an extremely high likelihood that this one gets to me because of "The Breakfast Club". Judd Nelson/John Bender in that movie was also one of my first crushes. Man, I had a LOT of 80's crushes....

So those are some of my genuine favorites. I usually do a fairly tongue-in-cheeck entry for Friday Night Videos...but not this week. Because yes, the 80's were hilarious in many ways, but they weren't all silly. Especially not on the music scene.

Now here is David Byrne performing his amazing song, "Glass, Concrete, and Stone" which I love so much that it played at my wedding reception...maybe a couple of times. But this is just an example of his genius as an artist. Yeah, he was an 80's star, but he's still very worthy of your attention. There's no video, but give it a listen anyway...please, I beg of you. My very savvy best friend from high school, Lindsay introduced me to this, and it's one of those songs you put into your lifetime rotation.

Lastly, another contemporary example of the classic quality of Colin Hay's voice, the lead singer of "Men At Work". He's so amazing with just a guitar and his voice, and just this stripped down version of this song also carries some serious emotional weight.

In true "I'm always thinking of myself" fashion...I desperately want to cover almost all of the songs I've listed here at an open mic night. But I can't find a guitar player or a keys player who wants to do something so simple with me. Anybody known anyone in the Indy area who would be willing to just do one simple set with me?