American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and the man with no soul

Megan Joy from American Idol is my absolute favorite contestant this year. (I don't usually watch the show, so maybe I should say she's my all-time favorite?) I love the whole thing, I love her sleeve tattoo, love her jazz/blues style, love the Patsy Cline song, love it. All of it. I'm actually surprised that someone with such a unique jazz-standard voice would make it so far. Kudos to AI for doing the right thing. I don't vote, but if I did, it would be for her.

Also, Steve Wozniak did NOT get voted off. Which means I have to continue to watch for him and DAG. Jake and I were talking about our favorite David Alan Grier roles last night as we watched the show. (Translation: As I watched the show and as Jake tolerated being in the same room as the show.) Mine is definitely his role from, "Amazon Women On The Moon". Don "no soul" Simmons.

The freelance work rolls on today, and preparation for a very special "Geeks Have All The Fun" webisode continues.