Happy Anniversary!

Jake and I have been married for three years today, and I just got the best gift I could imagine. Wil Wheaton has managed to get both Brent Spiner (Data) AND Levar Burton (Geordi, not to relegate either actor to just one of their many roles) onto Twitter. I mean, not for my anniversary. Probably just a happy coincidence. I just think it's nice that I found out today. Makes the happy occasion even happier. It took me a while to get with Twitter, I've never enjoyed Instant Messaging, so I didn't think that I would enjoy Twitter at all. But I was so wrong...so so wrong.

If I've been slow at blogging or checking others sites lately, it's because I've been working toward some obsessive compulsive goals. I wanted to reach 100 articles over at Associated Content and EHow.com. I've reached that goal over at AC, and am only 30 away at EHow. Not too shabby. I don't have a clue if it will affect my income in any way, but I just woke up a week ago and decided to do it.

As a writer, I used to be a terrible snob about those websites. I went back and forth about whether or not I felt "comfortable" writing just for money. I'm a natural rebel, so I fight against things even when I shouldn't. It's a nasty habit. I felt like I was selling out by writing product reviews and list entries and hotel reviews and travel advice. But writing as a career is a job like any other. It's about making money, and if I can do that with boring product reviews and simple travel articles...why the HECK not?

It's easier now because I keep this blog and have my weekly column and all my freelance magazine writing, so I don't feel so bad about "selling out for the man". Writing is writing, and I'm not exactly a best-selling author yet. Maybe someday when I am, (Or my sister is, oh yeah...it's all in the family!) I can revert to my diva ways and only write about all the great pillars of Geekdom. (Pop culture, movies, Star Trek, Star Wars,the Muppets, Pirates, etc.) Let's be honest, I'd probably just become a professional guest at Disney World. Now that's a goal.

Until then, can I interest you in a product review?