L.O.V.E. Spielberg Style

You know, I try not to brag too much about Jake. I even managed to hold back on our anniversary this year, because Jake and I are kind of notorious for grossing people out with all our mushy love stuff.

But some days I just can't hold it in. When you're a geek, and you find another geek who just GETS you...it's really and truly magic. Jake's been rounding up a lot of material for his job search since he's graduating with his MA in Digital Storytelling this May. So I've just been sort of watching this parade of his accomplishments. And he's just worked SO HARD.

He's a born professional, always ahead of his own game. Always ready for a full film, an agent pitch, an anything... He's had to suffer through some pretty major tough spots during his time back in school. He's so ready to get in there and direct, write, create, edit, etc on the professional level. As an artist, the guy just wants to work, and it's so motivating and inspiring to live with that every day. It's been tough for him to operate in a college environment sometimes where many people just want to pass the time and milk off their financial aid.

Anyway, he's just awesome and some days, honest to goodness, I feel like I'm Kate Capshaw and he's Steven Spielberg. I used to swoon over the behind-the-scenes stuff on the Indiana Jones DVDs and think to myself, "I want that kind of guy." Not in reference to Harrison Ford, but Steven Spielberg. He always seemed so light and jovial, so passionate about the process of filmmaking, and so kind to his actors. I guess I go for visionaries, and I struck Texas T with Jake Williams!

Check out a couple of videos of Jake in action.

Director Interview from Jake Williams on Vimeo.

Jake Williams' Demo Reel (1:30) from Jake Williams on Vimeo.