Moustacheless Oates Strikes Viewing Public! Why John, WHY?

Hall and Oates were on, "Dancing with the Stars" last night, and Oates was moustacheless!!!

Honestly...what would Tom Selleck say?! Private eyes are watching you John, and they're weeping for your lack of upper lip coverage. Weeping I say.

Also, Steve Wozniak will STAY for another week proving once again that being cute (and filthy stinking rich) can almost always trump legitimate talent. I love this man.

I'm noticing that the promos for "30 Rock" this week involve Jane Krakowski in a Peter Pan costume, mainstream media beats us to the punch YET AGAIN. Oh well, it's not like our "Donnie" character was ever really in danger of ending up on television anyway. I'll just have to find a whole new way to humiliate myself other than squeezing into a Peter Pan costume...sigh, I was so looking forward to it.

The promos for, "Parks and Recreation" with Amy Poehler look great. Although, I have mixed emotions about them showing everyone from Indiana as being moronic mouth-breathers. We breathe through our noses sometimes. The truth is, I see stuff like that being done and I'm delusionally thinking, "I SHOULD BE ON THAT SHOW!" I'm like all those people on American Idol who think they can sing a Whitney Houston song when actually they should be institutionalized. (But with comedy, not pop music.) Maybe someday I can be the William Hung of Saturday Night Live, I'd take being the worst of that crew any day of the week over being completely inactive in performing in Muncie, Indiana. Oh the irony of a comedy show about boring Indiana being done in L.A., while I'm living in snoreseville Indiana. I should look up the definition of irony I think.

My first feature article FINALLY got published well over a year after I wrote it in Haunted Attraction Magazine. I know because I started getting mysterious emails from strangers telling me how much they liked it, and I was thinking, "Huh?" Somewhere in the back of my mind, the eternal pessimist in me surfaced, and I had just decided that maybe the piece was never going to run after all. Ah, freelance writing, slightly quicker than watching paint dry. But I'm just glad it made it to print!

I'm also slated to have my second feature published in the Spring issue of Pirates Magazine, and I'm working on convincing my editor over at Geek Monthly to let me turn my Cory Doctorow interview into a feature over there. I'm so close...

Columns are heating up again for me too, this week is all about Willie Scott. Then we'll have two more weeks of Indy girls, after that, I'll start delving into the world of television action heroines and Kathleen Turner gets a week all to herself too. What a weird life I live.

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