Theme Park Channel

Jake goes to school with a brilliant young entrepreneur named Jeff Guilkey. Jeff runs "Coaster Warriors" the website, and I've been fortunate to work with him on some of the early marketing efforts for the HUGE launch of, "Theme Park Channel" in Spring of 2010. (Jake and I are also filming a pilot show for the website/future network in April at King's Island with the help of the talented Josh Rosentreter.) This is the press release that Jeff originated and I edited announcing the Theme Park Channel.

"Welcome to Theme Park Channel! A website devoted exclusively to theme parks, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, ride manufactures, park chains, roller coasters, thrill rides, and so much more! Theme Park Channel has everything that true roller coaster and park fanatics have been wanting for so long. We're prepared to dive into the details of the theme park industry like no other site ever has before.

In addition to up-to-minute daily news, reviews, exclusive videos, blogs, contests and features, you’ll also get the latest info on new roller coasters, rides, attractions, and more every week. You'll also be treated to sneak peeks for the upcoming webisodes from our hosts for various shows on Theme Park Channel. There will be something for everyone.

Have you always dreamed of contributing to something like Theme Park Channel? Well, we can grant your wish! Brand new Features like "everyone’s a critic" will allow you to write the reviews, right there on the main page for all the world to see. Theme Park Channel will let you critique various parks by allowing you to showcase your very own past trips on the Theme Park Channel’s Forum!

News… Webisodes… Lifestyle… Interaction… Entertainment… We have it all here, waiting for you!

Launching in Spring 2010, we're currently cresting up the final hill and preparing for the first big drop. We can't wait to show you the whole new website! Be there!"

I can't wait for the full-scale ramp-up and filming of the show!!!