Haka and Hula

As a kid I used to watch my Mom perform hula dances for her singing telegram business, and I really loved it back then. It was so fluid and everything meant something.

Then when the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King DVD box set came out, I was introduced to the "Haka", which is another tribal dance. It's so immensely cool.

Well, I got to see it again tonight, or something like it, when Filipe and Sione from, "The Biggest Loser" had to say goodbye. Ther performed one by themselves just as a sort of ritual.

I also saw an episode of, "Independant Lens" about a men's hula troupe once, and it was amazing. I have this thing for Pacific Islanders and New Zealand culture, it's just amazing to me. I even wrote a tribe of Hawaiian warriors into my now defunct Tiki Room script. (Jake and I are reworking it and entering it in a scriptwriting contest this May.)

Anyway, I was just really happy to see it on tv, because it reminded me of how much I want to research more of this culture. I always seem to perk up to it, so I guess it's time to dive in and geek out over it. Where the heck to begin???