I'd settle for his career.

In a second. Tom Wilson acts, does comedy, voice-over, and he paints. Now granted, if I could edit it to my specifications, I'd lose the Bob and Tom stuff and add in some stunt-work and a little ukelele playing. But all in all, I find it very encouraging to see that people can "make it" in many different ways doing all of the things they love. I don't think this guy gets enough attention in the geekosphere. I'll have to do further research on this too, but it looks like he's a man of faith to boot. Seeeeee? We're not all squares. (Sorry, I guess I've still got that Family Guy shaped chip on my shoulder.)



P.S. I'm considering a Star Trek communicator tattoo. Only now I'm having some serious second thoughts, because they're trying to get the new Star Trek movie to be "cool" and appeal to hipsters, and that's just not my "thing".