Sunday Afternoon Videos - Acapella Madness

Sorry for the slack in blogging, I've been busy preparing for our trip to Austin, Texas this week. It's a scouting mission of sorts for a possible move. Jake has an internship interview at a production company. I tried to weasel my way into some meet and greets with some film critic big-wigs. I've had lots of, "call me when you're in towns", so we'll just have to see how it goes. Either way, we're getting out of town for a few days, which always seems to offer some fresh perspective.

I missed the Friday Night Videos this week again, so I'm making up for it today. This week's theme? Acapella. Here's a little 80's Billy Joel.

Then there is the song that always brings an instant smile to my face...the Carmen Sandiego theme song.

Who knew that underneath that trench was a snappy unitard? Next, there's this dandy little compilation of the acapella group regularly featured on, "Scrubs", which is a show that I quite enjoy.

Here's John Michael Higgins in, "The Break Up"

This last one takes the geek cake.

You should always let the Wookie win. Speaking of Wookies, how much did you LOVE the "Empire Strikes Back" references in last week's LOST? Okay, I'm getting off topic, which is usually my signal that it's time to go.

Have a great week! Wish me luck in Texas. I'm sorry, I just can't resist referencing this a million times this week. Be grateful if you don't get a call from me trying this very experiment once I'm over state lines.