Fun with Editing: When Bad Can Be Good

So, my friend Dana and I were having a conversation last night about how sometimes the strangest things can be funny to anyone who has ever edited before. Bad editing, for example. It's true. When you're locked in a little room doing nothing but pouring over the same footage for hours and hours, you go a little wacky inside. You get slap happy, as my Mom would say.

I can testify to this because just two weekends ago, Jake and I were editing our first bits of footage from the recently filmed and not yet finished, "Park Geeks" first episode. After a few hours, Josh just grabbed some music from his desk top and started slicing and dicing a particular blooper of Jake's to music. We were practically rolling on the floor. But I imagine if anyone else would've walked in, they would've wondered what we were on about. (I'll post that in the future when it's compressed enough to fit onto YouTube.)

So what follows may not be funny to some people. It may be a touch of editing humor. But Josh sent the Star Trek stuff to me this morning and I just HAD to share.

This one is also a gem.

Now that was good editing, quite clever. Here's an example of how bad editing can be good...on purpose. This is from, "Mr. Show" and it's probably my favorite sketch they ever did.

This next one has an obnoxious commercial attached to the beginning, the one I saw was for Old Navy. Ugh. But this is one of Conan's gems featuring bad editing, bad lighting, bad writing, and really bad acting. It's perfection. THIS is how bad can be good...