LOST Season Finale

"Boy do I hate being right all the time." - Dr. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park

Actually, I don't hate it. I love it! If being right were a cape, I would wear it proudly wherever I went, and also bedazzle it.

What a show, eh? I enjoyed last night's LOST very much. The bonus is that I hit the nail on the head about pretty much the entire season, the finale being no exception. I was wrong in the past about Kate's origin story. But fiddle dee dee, we don't really need to talk about that, now do we?

I was right about some of the people on the Island being children from the Dharma initiative, which I called in the second season. I was right about time travel, which I called in the first season. I was right about the body being carried around in the cargo container the past few episodes. And so on and so forth. Here are my further theories, though since the show has progressed so far, I'm sure a lot of people share these ideas by now.

Obviously, Jacob is a spiritual figure. Whether he's only allegory or whether they're going to go all the way with it remains to be seen. He's either A.) God B.) Jesus or possibly, C.) The Devil. That about narrows is down, right?

I'm almost completely certain that he's benevolent, therefore ruling out the devil and making the other guy from the opening the bad spiritual force. But there's still some muddy waters on who exactly is good and who is bad. But I think it's safe to say we're officially polarized, right? It goes all the way back to Locke playing backgammon with Walt. There's good and there's bad. Or to quote Nicholas Cage from, "Raising Arizona", "There's what's right and there's what's right and never the twain shall meet."

So the ghost of Ben's daughter, who appeared as very hostile and told Ben to do whatever Locke told him to do, let us know that she was on the side of whatever was out to kill Jacob. (Whatever she was, illusion or real ghost, who knows?) This now calls into question the loyalty of all the ghostly figures, Charlie, Claire, Christian, all of 'em. Whose side are they on and can they be trusted? The same goes for the smoke monster. Does he kill only the good people or only the bad, or is it merely doing someone's bidding Scooby Doo style? It remains to be seen...it he kills only the good, it would certainly make sense why he left Ben alone and why Eko is gone post his redemption.

Also, I'm wondering, did Jacob really comfort young Kate and James, grown-up Jack, Jin, Hurley and Sun? I believe yes, but some of his actions leave it in the gray area. He covered Kate for stealing, which was either an act of salvation for her or an enabling action. He handed James the pen that he used to write the letter that sort of ultimately leads him down the path of destruction, the candy bar seemed pretty innocuous...but hey, sugar is bad for you, right?

I think Jacob is good, I really do. But I'm just saying, his appearances could be taken either way. I stick to the side that he's good. We'll see. I've been wrong before. (Though not often...muahaha!)

I believe that the intro can lead us to infer that humanity itself is being battled over. The ship Jacob saw in the distance was likely the Black Rock, from which I believe Richard Alpert came. (Remember, we've seen him with long hair, which would fit the period.) Jacob probably gifted him with eternal life, much the way that Jesus in the Bible states that John will somehow live forever. Keep in mind, the writers of LOST are Catholic. (To the best of my knowledge.) So I'm not afraid to mine all the religious symbolism they're throwing in there. It could be leading me to wrong conclusions though...

The four toed statue is from another incarnation of humanity. I think Jacob keeps giving humanity chance after chance to reboot itself and do the right thing somehow. So the statue is from the most recent set of human failures. Possibly led to their destruction by the bad guy opposite Jacob.

There is good and bad on the island, the bad wrong choices almost always seem to involve violence. I know that's a big doy, but still, worth a mention. There's free will too, Jacob makes that clear to Hurley in the cab. You can go or not, it's totally up to you.

So what did the bomb do? One of two things.

A.) It rebooted the situation completely, causing the plane to crash yet again and starting the whole thing over. Only now, there's no Jacob holding the Island together, so everything will go completely different this time around.

B.) It destroyed whatever magical property was in that pocket that held the Island together or made it special. I'd even be willing to go so far as to liken it to the destruction of the firmament. Meaning whatever the forces of opposition were to Jacob before, they now rule the Island.

Announcer Voice: Who will be resurrected? Which ghost is really a ghost and not an illusion of the enemy? Who freaking knows????

I LOVE IT! I can't believe I'm back in this old place again of having to wait until January or February for more. It stinks. Reminds me of this article I wrote a long time ago with how to deal without LOST. I haven't read anything else about other opinions yet, I wanted to write this first. So what does everyone else think? I want to know!

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