Tomorrowland: The Movie?

Meh, the pitch for the latest park to screen Disney film sounds, if you'll pardon the pun, less than stellar to me. Based on the futuristic section of the park, "Tomorrowland" sounds like another patronizing "blink and you'll miss it" low effort from Disney. I hope I'm wrong. Here's the info I read today.

Being such a park geek myself, I would love to see more ride-based movies. But not if they're going to be crummy.

Now is a bad time to focus on a science fiction film anyway, because it just won't get any better than what Star Trek is currently serving. So doing a sci-fi movie right now is like, offering a cat treat to someone when they've got Christmas dinner right in front of them. Who's going to take that?

I'd like to see Disney give another park project to someone big. Take some risks like they did with Pirates, get some unconventional names attached to star in and direct a Jungle Cruise movie. Adventure is their best bet right now. But then again, I know there is a Pirates 4 in the works. So, I guess they're on that already.

This is arrogant, and I realize that. But I believe that if a Disney executive called me right now, I could sell them another Pirates franchise with my pitch for a series of Tiki Room movies. They're musicals, adventures, family films, romances, everything.

But I'll just keep that one in my back pocket until any Disney execs come calling. You know, until pigs fly.

My favorite Tomorrowland attraction? Star Tours, OF COURSE! It's deliciously outdated nowadays, giving it a very Xanadu-like fun nostalgic feeling. Except instead of recalling the end of the seventies, it's early nineties goodness at its best. But it's still a really fun ride!

Here's some excellent footage of it, including lots from the intricate line. For the record, RU42 is the best Disney filmographer on YouTube at the moment. You can always get your fix from his page, and I regularly do when I need a little inspiration.