Toy Story 3

Let the countdown begin...

So how long until we get another, "Monsters Inc."?

Also, I read somewhere this week that Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort is refurbishing some of their rooms to be, "Pirates of the Caribbean" themed. Very exciting, no? Staying at that resort was by far and away the best vacation experience I've ever had. This new theming may provide the perfect excuse to return. Until then, take these decorating cues for how to spruce up your own home to be ride themed.

How to Decorate a Room Based on Disney's "Enchanted Tiki Room" or "Jungle Cruise" Attractions
Decorating Tips for Disney Geeks

Also, here's a review of our time at the Beach Resort.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Is this Disney Hotel Worth The Cost?

Haven't seen, "UP" yet, but I'm in major anticipation over it. MAJOR. Jungle adventures are my all time favorites. The adventure genre in general takes the cake for me. I'm trying to stay on radio silence with it until I see it, because I want to be surprised. But I'm telling you, I'm drooling...