Judy Reyes está con el niño

The largely unsung Judy Reyes, (and just why exactly is that anyway?) is pregnant. Reyes plays the feisty "Nurse Carla" on the long-running, "Scrubs".

She's quite hilarious and may be the most sincere actress on the whole show, as she is able to pull off a wide range of emotions AND do broad comedy. I do love Sarah Chalke as well, and mentioned her in my "Funny Women" post from quite some time ago. Scrubs has been able to do something few shows are able to do...portray women realistically without objectifying them while managing to let them be funny and play intelligent.

I'd like to see her in more and I honestly think she's more than capable of pulling off a leading role in a mainstream film. She was recently in the lifetime movie, "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story", which I admit...I haven't seen. But Reyes strikes me as multiplex material. But then, I'm always dreaming of more prominent roles for strong actresses, up to and including the hilarious Leah Remini. Congratulations to Reyes! Maybe you could celebrate for her by making sure to catch some Scrubs or visiting her IMDB page HERE.