The TONY Awards (full coverage)

I love this show so much...it's like all the high school theater geeks grew up and stayed together and formed a community. So far tonight, Brett Michaels was just about decapitated by fly-in scenery, Neil Patrick Harris is pulling hosting duty (and to think, I sat right next to him at the Swinging Wake), Liza performed and gave me goosebumps, (Carrie Fisher is on NOW being hilarious! Note to self, must read "Wishful Drinking") and there have been a handful of awesome live performances from various Broadway shows. The best of which so far by a mile has been from, "Guys and Dolls".

Between this and the recent performances from, who I am choosing to call the "Broadway Brothers" on, "So You Think You Can Dance", I'm pretty close to re-entering a major Broadway phase. These two need to take turns swapping the lead in a Gene Kelly biopic show. They're amazing! Evan ended up making it into the top 20, thank goodness. But they both deserved a spot for sure. They should've tapped Ryan to choreograph something later this season. Their loss, for sure...

~You know...I made, "Being Liza" because it was kind of a joke about me more than Liza. I genuinely think she's incredible and grew up listening to her music and watching her in movies like, "New York, New York" and thinking she was amazing. When you're a kid, you don't care what liking something "means" or "says about you", you just know what you love. And I loved Liza. And I still do. Seeing her sing tonight was wonderful. Here's a little reminder of how incredible Liza was in her prime. If you were this good, you'd have a world-wide following too.

~Bebe Neuwirth is on doing the "In Memoriam". Sad...Neuwirth said something, and this isn't verbatim about how you need to hurry up and do what you feel like you should be doing (creatively) because too many have died before they had a chance to do what they wanted to do. Food for thought.

~Oh, there went Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty in the slideshow. They're singing, "Kiss Today Goodbye" from, "A Chorus Line". Here come the tears.

~While Frank Langella is giving out an award, let me take the time to show you the preview for "New York, New York". I find that lots of people don't even know Liza Minelli was in a Scorcese movie with Robert De Niro. It's depressing, sure. But worth a watch.

~I would LOVE to see the new "9 to 5" on Broadway with Allison Janney. She's hysterical and I love the movie. How could it go wrong?

~Ah, here's Elton John talking about Billy Elliot...oh, score! A performance! Wow, this kid is amazing! (Unfortunately I can't stop thinking of that time on SNL's Weekend Update when Chris Kattan played Billy Elliot angrily dancing through the studio. "Billy Elliot's here and he's MAD!")

~My Mom just called to make sure I was watching the show! I think she's still holding out for my Broadway debut.

~Ah, and here's "Legally Blonde" the show I wanted to hate but couldn't help but love when I caught it a while ago on MTV. (Double shame!)

~Harvey Fierstein presenting "Best Revivial" award. He's a legend. If you don't know who he is, here he is as Edna Turnblad in, "Hairspray". (If you're still stumped, you may remember him from, sigh...Mrs. Doubtfire as Robin Williams' make-up artist.)

Welcome to the '60s

~Uh oh, they're bringing HAIR out next. Gotta be honest, never been my favorite.

~Hey, it's ANGELA LANSBURY! She's on Broadway right now in, "Blythe Spirit" in the role my sister once played, that of the kooky medium. Wow, vintage footage of Angela in, "MAME". Awesome. Woo! Footage from the musical "La Cage Aux Folles", which made it to the big screen as, "The Birdcage".

~Yay, Anne Hathaway. I heard her sing once at the Hollywood Bowl. (On television of course.) She's extremely talented. I think she'd do very well on Broadway. Ick...she introduced HAIR though. I honestly think that Sweet Charity should get the spot as most iconic 60's musical over HAIR.

~They are working the crowd really well though. Oh my, and the cameras. They've seemed the most at home performing tonight, probably because they get to mess with the crowd. Okay, I think I get the appeal now. It's kind of like an audience participation thing. It still comes across to me as a cast chalk full o' Matthew McConaugheys though.

~Yay! Kristin Chenoweth! She's so cute, and she's handing out the Best Revival award. And it goes to....HAIR. Can't keep a good hippie down I guess. Ah! They're flooding the stage like Muppets!

~And here is the genius that is David Hyde Pierce presenting Best Leading Actress. I care more about seeing him than I do the Best Actress award. I miss David Hyde Pierce being on television and he was so fabulous in, "Down With Love". Uh-oh...preachy acceptance speech alert. Meh. Oh, now she's talking about her BFA. Play her off, play her off...

~Best Actor award time. The three boys who share the lead in Billy Elliot just won. Aw, they're so cute and awkward! (I just heard Jake screaming over the basketball game in the other room. Must be a good game.) Oh this is a classic acceptance speech, this needs to be YouTubed tomorrow if you didn't see it. They're playing them off!

~Here's a performance from, "Jersey Boys". This show looks amazing. It won Best Musical in 2006, and rightfully so I think. Here's a little clip from the London show.

~LIZA is back to give out the final award of the night, Best Musical. She forgot the envelope backstage and a P.A. just had to run out and hand it to her. (Does Liza sell a line of sequined tops? If she doesn't, she should. It's her signature uniform.)

~Billy Elliot wins! All the little kids from the show are freaking out and it's really cute. Wow, Elton John and Liza on stage next to each other at the TONY awards. The universe may in fact, implode.

~Neil Patrick Harris is closing the show singing, "Tonight Tonight". Angela Lansbury, Elton John, LIZA, live performances aplenty. Haha, he just sang, "This show could not be any gayer!" And with that, the curtain comes down on the show. Here's to next year!