Jay Sherman of, "The Critic"

This is the name of our new (new to us, anyway) computer. We arrived at the moniker as Jake was cycling through his possible name choices...the two front runners were Galactus and Prometheus. Fine choices, but a little pretentious for every day use I think.

When he said Prometheus however, it reminded me of Jay Sherman's student film, of which the last line involves the name, "Prometheus". I started thinking about it and realized that Jay Sherman is a great name for a used computer. Hopefully it will work hard, it may not be the most attractive thing out there, but it's consistent. That's all we really need. (Our laptop is named Majel, after Majel Barret Roddenberry, actress and voice of the computer from Star Trek.)

There's always room for more Jon Lovitz in life.

Honestly, that show was cancelled far too early.