"Let's all go to the movies."

Here's what's out this weekend, with a special emphasis on films you may not have heard of yet.


Happy Friday everyone! I'll be spending the afternoon and evening on one of those very exciting, super-secret projects...my sister's first book! But that's all I can say for now. But let's turn this into a Friday Night Videos, shall we? Yes, lets do!

How about in celebration of the new Friday Release Report tradition, we watch some more of those snazzy invitations to go to the lobby?!

Got milk?

Say, that reminds me of this PSA that played ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. Remember, Time for Timer?

And THAT reminds me of the EPCOT show also from my childhood, "Food Rocks". Jake and I watched this recently expecting to really laugh at how dumb it probably was...and it was quite witty. No wonder I have such fond memories of it. Enjoy! This is only part one, but part two comes up after part one as a choice for you to click on next.

My favorite? Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" turned into, "High Fiber". Wow, I could go with this dancing food thing all day long. But for the sake of your time, I'll avoid posting the other dancing food classic, "Lunch Lady Land" by Adam Sandler from Saturday Night Live.

Oh okay, one more...it has been a long time since I posted "Friday Night Videos".