Park Geeks News

Our show, all about being a HUGE geek for theme parks, is really taking off! We'll begin filming full episodes at the end of this month and creating our first official full season of programming, due for release in Spring 2010.

Our first stop? The Magic Kingdom, of course! We'll be filming in Orlando at the end of this month. Because a single episode involves so much work, we'll just be tackling one park at a time, and Disney World is so vast that we only have time in the production schedule for one park this first trip out.

We've recently been featured at Screamscape.com, ThemeParkReview, and more! Everyone is responding well to the show and people are getting in contact with us about wanting to collaborate, from Australia to England! Which really encourages us to keep going. We're first going to focus on the guest experience, and then in season two, we'll begin to take you behind the scenes at some of your favorite attractions!

I always wanted there to be a show (and a network) that would have enough programming and be enough fun for me, that would feature content I wanted to watch that was detailed and focused enough on theme parks. It didn't exist, so we decided to make it ourselves! All the support generated on the previews/pilot alone and the impending launch of Theme Park Channel is very exciting!

Thanks to everyone for their support, we're going to give you a GREAT show!!!

Check out our YouTube Channel for a small taste of what the show will be like, though we've already made many changes!

If you doubt our complete and total lack of coolness...check this out. (We're not kidding about the show name.)

"Park Geeks" pilot webisode blooper reel from Jake Williams on Vimeo.