Script Report, Photos To Share

So, I'm sure my regular followers (That's you Heather) may have noticed a slowing down in ye olde blog here. Well, I've been slammed, but in a fantastic way. All those exciting projects are alive and KICKING, which means I'm hardly ever standing still or sleeping.

But I can share a little bit with you. Here is today's script report over at Five Sprockets. The longer I write for this site, the more I fall in love with it. It makes developing any ideas a piece of cake for anyone, amateur or professional. It takes the mystery out of how to get things done and literally walks you through each step of any process for FREE. Writing a book, a script, making a movie, pitching something professionally. It has everything.

Okay, enough advertising...I just really love it. Here's the recent script report and you can find my movie release reports on fivesprockets.com every Friday and these script reports every Tuesday.

Also, Jake was shooting for the TV show Pet Pals this past Sunday at an event in Carmel called, "Dog Day Afternoon". I tagged along because it was Sunday and I knew Dana would be there, and hey...an entire day full of cute animals, what's not to love? Well, I ended up taking pictures all day for the Pet Pals website because they had forgotten a still camera. Here's a picture of Jake working and below that a slide show of some of the photos I took that day.

And here's the album of cute critters!

Find more photos like this on Pet Pals TV - Devoted to Pet Adoptions and Happy Pets