Audrey Visits the James Dean Festival

I visited the James Dean festival for the first time ever recently. The day was a hoot, the people were really fun and sweet, and we threw this together just for fun. We get fairly sarcastic just for laughs, but everyone participating in the video laughed and joked with us and had a great time.

(There's some audio mishaps at the end there, but I was just too lazy to fix it after another whirlwind week of graduate studies...)

Audrey Visits the James Dean Festival from Jake Williams on Vimeo.

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  1. Awesome video Audrey! Well put together. For better or worse, you took me back to my Indiana roots again. You certainly captured the essence of small town Indiana. Brought memories of being a kid at the Apple Butter festival in Spencer flooding back. Nothing better than corn dogs and a demolishion derby in the heartland - sheesh!

    "Festival without a point for the rebal without a cause." THAT'S CLASSIC!

    Take care and keep the good stuff coming!

    Kris Calhoun
    (AC Favorite)