An Ode To My Chiropractor

I have a slew of geeky ailments that match my personality. I wear my retainer at night, I need glasses and contacts, and I also need a little help from some orthopedic footwear now and again. I also need to visit a chiropractor for some occasional re-adjustments. Every time I go, I leave feeling like a new person. It's absolutely amazing what a little popping and cracking can do to help you remember that walking doesn't have to equal pain. So today, I thought I would dedicate a Friday Night Videos blog (Yes, I know it's Monday afternoon...but this is the only fitting way to pay tribute.) to my chiropractor.

Thank you my good man. Thank you indeed! Thanks to my appointment today, I now feel like this...

Does that number make anyone else weep like a baby thinking of your grandparents? No? Just me? I love the elderly SO MUCH. (Don't even get me started on COCOON!) Moving along...

I can even walk like this now if I want to. And I do want to.

In fact, now I can walk however I want. Like a man or an Egyptian.

So thank you good sir, for helping me get back to my cheerful, cheesy videos-loving self!