Happy Valentine's Day, the Magnum P.I. Way

Jake and I have always shared an affinity for the adventure genre...after all, we were the children of the Jurassic Park generation. We've spent a lot of time together during our marriage working on a spec script based on the Disney attraction, "The Tiki Room", not because we ever expect to sell it in a million bajillion years, but because writing together is fun and we had an idea for it.

We love LOST, the Jungle Cruise, travel writing, the nostalgia and sheen of all 80's adventures like, Romancing the Stone, and of course...one of the greatest television shows of all time, Magnum P.I. So I couldn't resist when it came to choosing this year's valentine. I knew what the best gift would be.

Need I say more? I wish you a very happy Valentine's Day, celebrate it your way!

Also, since the day is all about love, consider making a donation to the charity of your choice. Perhaps a local animal rescue, maybe a homeless pet would like to be your valentine! Also, Haiti still needs our help. I recommend giving through helphaitiheal.org, an organization I used to work for, and I can vouch for them that they are on the ground in Haiti as we speak and working hard to provide for people's needs... www.helphaitiheal.org or you could even purchase the new, "We Are the World" on Itunes. Be creative and spread the love this weekend!

Here's a romantic little ditty for you today.