Assistantship! (My Very Own Ode to Joy)

I was just awarded an assistantship in my graduate department for next year. It couldn't have come at a better time either, because with my mild success in the freelance world over the last year (!!!), I won't be getting any financial aid next year.

I'll likely be teaching some sections of Freshman English. And this is who I will choose as my teaching role model. No seriously...

And in honor of the rock theme of my joy, let me just add that I totally feel like this as well, especially combined with my still lingering high off of the BTTF event last weekend!

There's just been a lot of great things happening lately after a lot of good work. My sister is cooking on her book and I'm literally just BURSTING with pride. My best friend is having some great things happening...and A BABY, as is my sister-in-law. It's just a great time. Which makes me want to

A. Go roller skating

B. Have a happy ending montage for all our collective joy

and C. Do this with everyone! Even if we have to take turns...

Now, WHO WANTS WHITE CASTLE????? Weeeeeee! White Castle and Queen...I may be onto something...


  1. Audrey! I'm so excited for you! Can we go out and celebrate?! uh-like this...
    -Lauren VH

  2. Lauren, YES! "Bongo, butt, bongo, butt." haha! But we have to dress exactly like that, and NO brownies! haha!

  3. Yaay! So excellent. I will try not to conflate my vision of you with the memories of the TAs that taught freshman English to me at Balls Tate a gazillion years ago, however. You, sister, are way too cool for that school (memory). :)

  4. Sweetness! Congrats.

    Totally agree with Kendra. You will mop the mother-flippin floor with your mother-flippin English superpowers.

  5. Yeah...I'm not even kidding about using Jack Black as a role model. I think he matches my enthusiasm level and when I think about it, teaching is just a different kind of performing, which I can totally get on board with. I'm going to consider each semester my very own bunch of School of Rock kids! hahaha!

  6. I'm excited for you! Congratulations!