Park Geeks - Staying Cool (and sane) at the Magic Kingdom

Here is the Park Geeks Magic Kingdom mini-sode filmed as a part of test shooting in August of 2009. There will be some new content going up on our YouTube page this week, as well as over the course of the summer when filming for the new season, the first official season (oooh fancy), begins in June!

If the video...
 runs choppy, just pause it and let it buffer, then hit play again. Everything we film for Park Geeks is in high definition, which means the file sizes are huge, so we're in the process of compressing everything right now. (Here's another magic hint, Park Geeks is actually being designed as a television series...but we're probably another year or so away from that. So enjoy it in it's internet glory now and tell us via the comments section over at our YouTube page what you want to see!)

Here is the link to where you will find all the new Park Geeks content, and some previously viewed that you've seen here on my blog and over at Facebook, including a 16 second rundown of just exactly who the Park Geeks are and why we do what we do.

PARK GEEKS VIDEO LIBRARY, with new content coming all summer long!