Friday Night Videos - Back to School Edition

The school year is about to begin, and in the spirit of all the ridiculously hard work ahead in my (hopefully) final year of taking classes, teaching, and finishing a thesis in grad school, I present this special edition of Friday Night Videos. For those of you new to Friday Night Videos, it's my nostalgic way of looking back at a TV show my sisters never missed, (and one that we had several VHS tapes worth of hanging around the house) one that I was too young to stay up and watch. One that I would sneak and watch anyway whenever I could. Remember this?

I choose three videos or more, usually following a theme, and smash them together on a blog via YouTube to get a little blast from the past whenever I need it. This week's theme? Working Hard. (If you even thought to yourself, "Or hardly working?" and then chuckled...you aren't allowed to watch...)

Sing it Donna!

If only we were all as good looking as Huey, maybe we wouldn't have to work so hard. (Don't you argue with me...I know a handsome man when I see one and I don't want any guff about it!)

From Working Girl...Joan Cusack's hair alone is well worth the watch. Trust me.

 I couldn't possibly tease you by doing an entry on music videos that include working and not feature this, so enjoy a hard working Steel City welder gal who just wants to be a dancer. Here's, "Maniac".

And last but certainly not least, theeee song for working girls. Though I'm not so sure I'd ever want to end up doing the kind of work that poor Pat Benatar had to do in this mini-epic of a classic eighties video. Oh well, at least she could dance her troubles away, and also use dancing as a weapon. Who needs mace when you can do that? Ladies, next time someone is hitting on you, do Benatar's frighteningly awkward shoulder shaking dance and I guarantee the guy will go away. (P.S. Who thinks that Pat and Sigourney Weaver are secret twins?)

So there it is, wherever you may be and whatever life throws at you, if you work hard and be kind, (and shimmee like there's no tomorrow) things will always go your way. Just ask Conan...

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