Getting Schooled, Scone Style...

Jake and I work for/with these amazing food bloggers sometimes at a website called SmithBites.com, which is an extremely cool and artful foodie site that shares recipes, tips, and beautiful photography related to the culinary arts and food tourism. Last May we filmed a little something called, "Well Seasoned" and Debra recently released a kind of mini-video of stills from our day of shooting.

The idea was, I'm learning how to cook and bake and having a ball. But I'm honestly still really intimidated by a lot of the processes involved. So Debra is being very patient with me and teaching me things and showing me that cooking is accessible to everyone and that I can, in fact, do it too. Here is a link to the entry she recently posted where she shows me how to make scones. (They're SUPER tasty!)

Here is the video that just goes to show, cooking makes me as nervous as Chunk from The Goonies having to spill his secrets...it all came flowing out under the very real fear that I may ruin my scones...I'm telling you, baking is free therapy. (I'm also proud to say that I've lost a considerable amount of weight since the filming...hooray for my face being de-bloating!!!)

Scone Therapy with Audrey from Smith Bites on Vimeo.

I HEART Smithbites.com and you should too! (There's no "heart" function of course, but you can always like them on Facebook.)