NEW Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows trailer

I remember sitting in the Ball State library in the autumn of 2000, working in the reference section and reading a news article that said casting was underway for a movie based on the Harry Potter books. If I would've had any idea how big the movies were going to be...I mean, for children who grew up with these movies, it was their Star Wars or Indiana Jones. There's literally never been a series of so many films, mostly trilogies and that was all. So what are we all going to do when there's no more Harry Potter to watch?

My family is celebrating Thanksgiving this year by going to the movies to see this instead of sitting around in a traditional dinner. Then again, to my family, seeing a movie is kind of the traditional celebration. (Reason #512 why I love them so.)

Anyway, here is the latest trailer. If you're as obsessed as me, you've probably already seen it several times. Bill Nighy! The high drama! The goosebumps! Enjoy it yet again. Let's milk this last little phase of life when there will still be an unseen Harry Potter movie in our futures with as much geeky anticipation as we can.