My Hogwarts, His Haunted Mansion

Hogwart's Enchanted Ceiling makes it's way to my subconscious.
So, I have this reoccurring dream. In it, Jake and I are living in a condo. (One that looks suspiciously like my grandmother's Nashville, Indiana condo that she lived in before she passed away.) It has vaulted ceilings, it's on the second floor, all white walls, and plenty of space.

In this dream, we are having some friends over for a holiday. We are taking Adam and Heidi's coats as they come in the door for a Halloween party. They are the first to arrive. I run off and throw the coats on a bed in our bedroom, and when I come back, Jake is flicking off a lightswitch to show them an illusion we've created in our vaulted ceilings. It is a projection of moving clouds and a full moon, it looks like the enchanted ceiling at Hogwart's Castle, and our friends laugh at us because we've gone to such trouble for such a nerdy cause. (They know us so well in real life, they wouldn't be surprised if this became a reality.)

The Burrow Living Area
In the dream, the condo at that moment starts to fill up with atmospheric objects, but not in a claustrophobic way. It begins to start looking like my grandparent's house in the woods, Frogpatch, a place my grandfather built with his own two hands. A place where they lived together before Grandpa passed away. It was heated by a wood stove, it had floor to ceiling bookcases, murals, dark wood, a grandfather clock, the Henderson family crest on the walls, and plenty of nooks and crannies. It essentially looked like the Weasely's Burrow, but nicer. My grandparents were both artists, and to them, it was natural to live in such organized clutter and inspiration. Their home was filled with purposeful props and it was an enchanting place.

Sometimes my dream ends with my sister and I finding a secret passageway in the apartment that leads to an outdoor courtyard area with stone gargoyles and shingled rooftops and wrought iron weather vanes.  I'm no genius at interpreting dreams, but even I can tell you that this is an allusion to the fact that she and I are discovering the creative life together, sharing tales of our writing work and aspirations...figuring out the "magic" (A combination of my mother's epic creativity, my grandparents art, the animated Disney renaissance and the whimsical eighties, with it's rise of fantasy in pop culture.) that we were raised with and how to make it real. (The theme of my thesis, by the way...)

I know what this dream is about. It's about Jake and I and our quest to build what feels like an authentic life to us, a life that artists live. A home where we can be inspired. A home where Halloweens and Christmases take on the flavor of Harry Potter movies and Haunted Mansion trips.

We're working on it, and so far so good. Our office walls are covered with Indiana Jones posters, our collective college degrees, Star Fleet insignia, nerdy autographs, and framed pictures from all of our theme park visits. We have a Haunted Mansion inspired hallway, a Sherlock Holmes-esque living room, and an Adventureland-themed bedroom (All dark wood, lanterns, photography of Adventureland at night, and anything that matches that aesthetic.) There are song lyrics and bible verses ("Despise Not Small Beginnings") and artist quotes throughout our house. To a lot of people, it's kind of weird. Kind of immature. Kind of ugly.

But to us, it's home. Doombuggies.com shared a link to a website today that made me realize we're not alone in the world with our action figure collections and shelves full of books and DVDs and all manner of geek paraphernalia.  Visit this website and you'll see...some people, people like us, (People like my sisters and mother and aunt.) just have to surround themselves with inspiration. Maybe someday we'll have that enchanted ceiling after all...