The Annual Christmas Photo of Ridiculousness - Ode to Charles Nelson Reilly

Last year, it was this picture. For the record...I wasn't trying to make that face. I don't even remember why I was making it or how. I have since tried to duplicate it, which can't be done. At least, not without the help of a lab full of scientific professionals or a large animal attack. I don't remember a feeling of sheer terror sweeping over me for any reason, but apparently it did. (Awkward Family Photos is calling my name.)

This year, it's this one. A bit more pre-meditated and brought to you by one of the best gifts my mother gave me this year. A large collection of over-sized novelty glasses, this pair I choose to call "The Cousin Erics". (For family reasons. Though I guess you're probably smart enough to figure out that I had a Cousin Eric (have) who wore glasses nearly identical to these in the early eighties.)

This pair was my absolute favorite from the collection, a close second goes to a pair I like to call "Sarah Palin's Hunting Goggles", but one thing at a time. Did I mention that these are prescription? Because they are...

What will it be next year? We shall just have to wait and see...by the way, this whole "giant glasses" thing isn't new for me. If you're friends with me on facebook, you know about my long and glorious history of huge sunglasses that appear to be solely for the purpose of helping one's eyes heal after dilation. I kind of have a thing for dressing like an old lady. (I look for knitted cardigans and sweater chains too.)

But it's been a fixation of mine since childhood. Want proof? READ THIS.

I think the ironic glasses movement has a decent chance of beating out the ironic mustache movement any day  now. (I want to spell it "moustache" but spell check doesn't like that.) Though I guess that would make me kind of sad. There's nothing ironic about my love of giant glasses or moustaches. (Suck it spell check.) 

Look, I'm gonna have to end this blog soon. But I just wanted to say, don't be offended because I said "suck it". It's a Liz Lemonism...I'd prove it to you, but when I Googled it to find a video clip, this is what happened. 

 No video results for “liz lemon suck it monkeys” 

So you're just going to have to take my word for it. Happy Holidays!