Audrey Visits Starbase Indy 2010

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Disclaimers...not for the sake of being a Negative Nancy, but for the sake of clarity.

1. I say "Trekkie" not "Trekker". It's just the way I was raised and I don't consider it derogatory. Speaking of which...

 2. I am Trekkie, hear me roar. If there is a doubt in your mind, I'll defer to the Next Gen communicator symbol I had tattooed on my right forearm. I grew up with Next Gen. So please know, this video is meant for humor...not snark. (Thanks to John Henderson Jr., Ron Zimmerly, Michael Roney, Scott Bristol and others for playing along!) Sometimes my nervous style of delivery and/or my sarcasm comes across as jerkiness. It's not, that's just how I roll. Nervous-style. So know this for sure, I am not making fun of anyone. If you're in this, it's because I thought you were cool or funny or interesting or adorable. (True story, my husband and I were so moved by the Star Trek tango that we both teared up a wee bit, are those two giving lessons? Because they rocked.) I had a blast at the con, this was my second year, and I'm really grateful to everyone who graciously played along with me or granted an interview. The whole reason I started Born For Geekdom almost four years ago was to create a place to have a catharsis about the life of a true geek, not the cool geek chic that's all about irony that's "hip with the kids" these days. If there's any doubt in my tone, check out the rest of the site and your fears will be put to rest. I promise.  

3. Yes, I know the aspect ratio is off, but between finishing my thesis and teaching English and doing all my freelance, I kind of just want to let it go. If you have a special request for an aspect ratio correction for the sake of display on one of your sites, let me know and I can get one to you in April when my book is finished, haha!

4. For all you loyal Park Geeks viewers, yes I am just a touch more round than you will notice in any of our other videos. Normally, I wouldn't address anything like this, but if I know the internet...and I do, at least one person will leave a comment about it. What can I say? This was filmed the weekend after Thanksgiving. I eat candy at Halloween and I stuff myself on Thanksgiving. No regrets! Viva la mashed potato! (Also, I overheard a lot of conversations about a lack of "hot chicks" while at Starbase Indy this year. Hello? Did you see the fabulous ladies of "And Sewing is Half the Battle"? Also, fie upon you for being a judgey Mcjudgerson. Fie, I say! Geeks should always stick together.)