Live Blogging - The 2011 Golden Globes

(All photos courtesy of TMZ.)
I love the Golden Globes. They're a great warm-up for The Oscars and they're a lot more light-hearted than other award shows. The red carpet was fun this year, I was especially thrilled with Robert Downey Jr.'s wavy Sherlock Holmsian hair and his fun Nick and Nora relationship with his wife Sarah. Tina Fey was stunning as usual and was that a tattoo on Scarlett Johansson's forearm? I quite liked it.

Christian Bale's Win - Sure, I was chanting "Rush, Rush, Rush, Rush" but that doesn't mean I'm not happy for Christian Bale. Kudos to him for thanking the family...any bets on what he said as the music cut him off for going over his time limit?

Katey Sagal Wins! - Yes, agree, agree, agree! I feel bad though that she had to take that two mile walk to the stage. I'm typing as she talks so I'm not looking at her face, and therefore it sounds like Leela is accepting an award. Double Win.

Julianne Moore - Always lovely. Not my favorite dress of the evening though...her side cape makes me think of the pink cape Mary Catherine Gallagher wears to an awards show in her daydream.

Ricky's Back - Personally, I love him as a host. "Like Pac Man." Priceless. (I was just introduced to his stand-up "Animals". It's intermittently filthy, but laugh-out-loud brilliant!)

Red's Nom for Best Comedy. I loved this movie, more than anything else because it was so different. It had a very early nineties mix of humor and action and the casting was perfection. I hope it wins.

Ricky Again - Ah yes, here's Eva Longoria with the breakdown of just exactly what the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is...and the president proves himself to be the first guy to buckle ever so slightly under the weight of Gervais' sarcasm. If you hire Ricky Gervais to host the Globes, you should know that it's open season on anyone and everyone.

Milla Jovovich Presenting - Stunning as always, but I wish she was always allowed to wear a firearm or a holster or something...she looks so naked without some kind of weapon. (I'm loving the continued fashion trend of retro classy Old Hollywood and art deco.)

Steve Buscemi Wins! - "You're out of your element Donnie." This man can't win enough awards for me...it's a good night for the geeks.

Quick shot of Spielberg and Capshaw...I live for the brief glimpses of Capshaw so I can pretend she's Willie Scott's granddaughter.

Best TV Drama Goes to...Boardwalk Empire. It was a year of great nominations, so once again, I can't argue. I'm failing at being a snarky blogger tonight.

Alec Baldwin and Jennier Lopez - Taking Awards Show Banter all the way back to 1957. Did you hear the surprise in Baldwin's voice when a song from Burlesque won?

Best Original Score Goes to...fingers crossed for Desplat...Reznor and Ross win. I think their work was very deserving. Did a lot for the tone of the film and stands alone on its own as a beautiful ambient score, but still lots of subtle melody.

Speaking of music, who's going to get fired for the commercial transition/interstitial music this year? It's very Game Show Network.

Toy Story 3 is about to win Best Animated Feature. Aaaaaaaand scene.

I love it when they catch people who aren't thinking about where the camera is. (Natalie Portman and her baby daddy were probably just paying close attention to the speech, but they looked all filled with rage and discontent...I have my fingers crossed for another Brendan Frasier though.)

Oh, come on. It's Ricky Gervais people! Quit groaning like he just said something horrible and tasteless. I mean, he did, but it's his schtick! This evening is really riding the line between playful aggression and seriously miffed.

RDJ bantering about the ladies in the room while passing out best actress in a musical or comedy. What a cheeky monkey. Once again, loving the nominations. Annette Bening takes it home.

Al Pacino is looking like an adorable baby bird tonight. That's probably bad for gangster credibility, but I like it.

Sidebar: A commercial for "The Cape". Anyone see the hilarious parody of the show on SNL last night?

The Host Returneth - I'm starting to feel really protective of Gervais. Laugh people! LAUGH!

Ooh, here comes Geoffrey Rush with Tilda Swinton to present. Look at that kicky hat he's wearing! (I can't not think about Conan when I look at Swinton, Conan's made too many split-screen comparisons. Those two are linked for life.) Al Pacino takes home the award for Best Actor in a Miniseries or TV movie. Remember how in the 1980's if you did a miniseries it meant your career was dead? Where's the justice for Meredith Baxter Bernie?

Jake and I just went back and forth about hearing Jennifer Love Hewitt's name with all those other nominees for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie. First we were laughing, then we felt guilty and were like, "Good for her!" and then we were back to thinking, "Really? That's weird." It's an emotional roller coaster. But look at that adorable Temple Grandin so excited for Claire Danes win! Can they star in a real-life buddy comedy now? I want to see the real Temple doing something in film or television.

Gervais Introduces Tina Fey and Steve Carell - Finally, an actor who will work with Gervais. Now THIS is awards show banter. Jake calls Inception b/c it was the most original. But I really want it to be The King's Speech. And we both lose, The Social Network. But again, Aaron Sorkin wins an award for writing? You can't argue with that. Then there's his heart-melting speech to his daughter, telling her "Smart girls have more fun." Amen.

"Superheroes of acting?" Okay...copy that bad right after giving out an award for writing? FAIL.

Jane Lynch Wins a Best Actress Award! Knocks her speech out of the park. Perfect combination of humor and sincerity.

Shot of Sandra Bullock's bangs...love them, by the way. She's looking stunning this evening.

Olivia Wilde's Dress - Shine Factor and Base Color = Love it. Prom Dress Length and Shape = Not my favorite. But she's gorgeous, so who cares? (Say it like Fred Armisen as Joy Behar, "So what, who cares?"

Helen Mirren Talks Up The King's Speech - I love the clip montages.

Tina Fey's Nomination for Funniest Woman on the Planet - Hey, they gave her award to Laura Linney. What gives? (I kid, I kid.)

As I'm watching, I can't help but think of that old "The Critic" quote about California from the episode "L.A. Jay". "Award shows where award shows won awards." My first bit of awards show fatigue is setting in, it's the commercials I think. I hate commercials with the fire of a thousand suns every day, but they really suck the anticipation out of an awards show for me, they ruin the mood. I'd love to see a study to find out if commercials have increased as much as I think they have or if that's just me being a grumpy adult. I need to invest in a DVR...

Jane Fonda Talks Up "Burlesque" - I love her. But even she can't make the film's nominations make any sense to me.

Best Actor in a Comedy Goes to...Jim Parsons. And how fun is it that Kaley Cuoco got to announce the award?

Was everybody just laughing at Jeremy Irons' accent? Was Jeremy Irons just laughing at Jeremy Irons' accent?

They just showed Helena Bonham Carter sitting at her table, not mugging for the camera. I love her. A friend and I were just talking the other day about whether or not there is a female equivalent to Johnny Depp in Hollywood in regards to freedom of expression in a personal life and variety of roles in film. I'd say no still, but Helena Bonham Carter is pretty darn close in the unique individual category.

Robert De Niro's Cecil B. Demille Award - Hallelujah, they showed a clip of New York, New York. That's one of the unsung classics, people forget about it. But it's so good. Oh, and This Boy's Life. The first De Niro movie I ever watched and he terrified me so thoroughly that it was years before I watched another one of his movies, and even that was a required viewing of The Godfather in a film class. Hold the phone. They did NOT just show a clip from Rocky and Bullwinkle.

And there was the 95th shot of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. We get it. They're in attendance. And they're gorgeous...

David Fincher wins Best Director for The Social Network.

Jimmy Fallon and January Jones presenting for Best Comedy or Musical on TV. Jones' dress is very Fifth Element. Normally that would be a compliment, but I'm just not loving it. She's beautiful, but that dress is silly. But maybe I'm just in a bad mood because GLEE won over 30 Rock. Blech.

Black Swan's nomination clip montage. I heard someone say once recently that Black Swan was a "brilliantly made dumb movie". I feel guilty about agreeing with that, but I do. I think it's overblown.

Best Actor in a comedy or musical time...I'm for Paul Giamatti. Holy cow, he won! And they immediately bleeped him. Ah yes, the one-two combo punch of Godiva chocolates and Halle Berry causes him to be a little bit flummoxed and lose control of his internal sensors. Understandable, understandable.

Hold the phone, it's JEFF BRIDGES handing out the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama award. Natalie Portman deservedly takes it home. She's a great actress and I know everyone will want to punch me for saying this while she's pregnant, but she's just a bit overexposed for me right now. She must've just been working non-stop for the past two or three years. But again, she's awesome so I can't complain.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen giving out Best Motion Picture. Not to be a jerk, but how in the EFF did Burlesque get nominated? How, how, how? The Kids Are Alright wins. Thank goodness...though I would've been pleased with Red. For all my snark over Burlesque, and please know that Cher is excluded from all of it, at least the HFPA nominated a wide variety of films. I really appreciate that as a fan who doesn't always want to see dramas take home all the big awards. So for all my sass, I'm glad to know that genre films can be nominated.  

...and the world breathes a collective sigh of relief that Ricky Gervais steers clear of joking about Sandra Bullock's personal life. 

Right after that little victory, The King's Speech finally wins something. Colin Firth gets Best Actor. Huzzah! Well deserved. Firth delivers his speech with his signature self-deprecating humor and his charming accent. "Triangle of man love." Ha!

Well...I'm officially done for the night. I'm cutting out early, like most of America. I got to see Tina Fey and Jeff Bridges (with beard) and Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth win something and that's all I really needed. That's the loveliest thing about the Globes, you can turn them off and not feel bad about it.

Final verdicts? I like Gervais, but I don't think he'll be back next year. I felt some audience rejection, I disagreed with it, but what are you gonna to do? It was a great year for nominations and therefore, no real shockers when it came to the winners. The celebrities looked stunning, the banter was fun, and I'm officially ready for The Oscars. There's only one proper was to end this blog, and that's with a picture of Tina Fey.

And they've brought me back by teasing me with a surprise guest to announce the Best Picture. Blast them! I need to brush my teeth and go to bed. I'd keep complaining, but there's the most adorable Rango preview on...I'm going to eat that movie with a spoon. 

Michael Douglas presenting for Best Picture! Healthy, wealthy, and better than wise, he's funny. Golden Globe goes to The Social Network. Scott Rudin looks like David Cross or perhaps David Cross' cool older brother, but is probably less witty. (Or maybe not.) 

They're playing off the Best Picture winners? Boo! Let them enjoy their moment Golden Globes. Though I suppose I do really admire your matronly need to keep to a schedule. And also, your lovely pink chandelier that I get to look at while the end credits play. 

You know what I like best about this ceremony? People don't have to fall all over themselves weeping when they win. It's a nice refreshing change. Fun times! What did you think of the awards?