Weregrannies - My Sister Wrote A Book

And it's good and witty and funny and just plain FULL of movie and pop culture references. Buy it! Download it to your Nook, Kindle, iPad...whatever. Just get your hands on it. Today. Here's the synopsis and below is a great preview...

""Weregrannies" is the story of what happens when a sweet elderly woman, and some of her pals from the local retirement home, become the accidental victims of a hapless werewolf. But will it make her feel like a victim or restore her to the vigors of youth? When a recently divorced granddaughter moves to town just in time to become entangled in the mystery, the scenario becomes even more complicated...especially when that granddaughter may be falling in love with the werewolf responsible for grandma's new heightened senses. With the sweetness of, "Cocoon" and the humor of a Douglas Adams novel, you may find that you've never been so excited to read about a grandmother who can finally stoop down to pick up some fallen antacids."