"Best Action Heroines" Put On Hiatus

It's been killing me a bit, but I've had to put my blog all about action heroines on hiatus until further notice. It seems like a terrible time, with all the exciting action heroine news happening. Just a decade ago, Lara Croft seemed unusual and revolutionary. Geek girls, like myself, just had a handful of strong women from the adventure and action genres that they could enjoy. Now, well...take your pick. I used to feel like a lone voice in the world of feminist geeks.

But along with this emergence of more action heroines, there are also a slew of talented critics who specialize in reviewing and analyzing their appearances. So I'm going to let them take over for a while, maybe popping in for a review every now and then or writing up some criticisms to share with my fellow members of the WFCC, but right now I need to focus on my thesis and my freelance.

However, the site will stand indefinitely, as will my library of reviews and there is still a book in the works. So feel free to visit the site any time you like and leave as many comments and questions as you like. I check comments about once a week.