Script Bits - Are Zombies Played Out? (and more screenwriting questions)

Jake and I trade off on some of the blogging duties over at Five Sprockets nowadays, but I've really missed blogging regularly and so I've made a brief return for the last couple of blogs. I love writing about what's happening in the film industry and for the past couple of years, it's been really fun to know about every film before it even enters production by keeping track of the world of screenwriting.

I look forward to getting back to Five Sprockets more often after finishing my thesis. I'm really in love with screenwriting, it's something I enjoy teaching my students. It's something I enjoy doing. I love to see the power of the written word translated onscreen.

And Five Sprockets is the best screenwriting website I've ever seen and it's why I continue to participate there. Not to get all soap-boxy, but I think that anyone and everyone should have the right to tell their story, or any story they can dream up for that matter, and Five Sprockets is a website that empowers people to do just that, walking them through each phase (or "sprocket") of the production process.

Still not convinced enough to click on the link? What if I told you I talk about Johnny Depp this week?

Click away friends, click away...

Script Bits - Are Zombies Played Out? (and more screenwriting questions)