The week in Theme Parks

Well, after a long and exhaustive search for a new name that isn't already trademarked or under copyright, our web series about theme and amusement parks is changing from "Park Geeks" to "Theme Parks with Audrey and Jake". We were *this* close to Shark Creeks, but we figure there's probably a Mr. Shark Creek out there or a website about dolphins or something that already has www.sharkcreeks.com trademarked. So "Theme Parks with Audrey and Jake" it is. It's been a long week of changing graphics, changing links and urls, and more and there's still a lot of work ahead. But we're well on our way to making a full transition.

Also, my most recent Retro Orlando column was published today. It has all of my favorite things in it...Disney World, The Golden Girls and Steve Gutenberg.