I Love L.A.

Filming in the Enchanted Tiki Room.
Just returned from California late last night, and I'm happy to report that we spent the trip rolling lots of tape for season two of "Theme Parks with Audrey and Jake" and I gathered plenty of content for my gig as a Yahoo Travel Editor. Soon, I'll be able to share videos with you from ElecTRONica, World of Color, Universal's Studio Backlot Tour (Where they are currently filming the Spiderman reboot and the next Muppet Movie) and more. There were also the unplanned tourism moments, like getting stuck on and evacuated from the Indiana Jones Adventure (score!), running into Casey Afflek at Griffith Park, and more.

Jake and I also got to hang with some really good friends and see plenty of  sites. I'll be back to blogging soon, but until then I thought it might be nice to pay tribute to our trip with a special edition of "Friday Night Videos".

Here are several songs we heard on the trip, many of which we heard at Disney's California Adventure. We sang this all the way to the airport, and much to our surprise DCA was playing it at their entrance as well. Oscar, Shmoscar, Randy Newman can rest easy because of his multiple Disney connections.

 This isn't exclusive to California, but anytime we visit a Disney park, we end up singing this song the entire time...this time was no exception. "Mono...d'oh!"

Another song heard at DCA. Funny enough, when I hear it, I think of Florida. Specifically Walt Disney World and The Great Movie Ride. Go figure...

I listen to this song a lot at home while I clean the house. I love it because it gets played frequently in the queue for The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which I first rode in Florida, but the ride is set in California at the now iconic (and fake...by the way) Hollywood Tower Hotel. This song has that same eerie romantic vibe of "Midnight, the Stars and You" from The Shining. I LOVE it.

Of course, every time I fly, EVERY time I'm even near an airport...this song and dialogue is running through my mind. I'm a really nervous flyer, and this is one of the few things I can think about that makes airports feel slightly less terrifying to me before I board a plane. Ladies and gentlemen, the theme from AIRPLANE.