On the Job

There's a quote you hear a lot when talking with people about employment. It goes, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Even though it's become a widely circulated cliche that makes the editing portion of my brain ache a little, it's still the truth. I believe it wholeheartedly.

I'm officially on the market for a job. What I'm looking for is a place that will provide me with an opportunity to use the majority of my skills earned from years of freelance for one focused end goal, one place to put all of the energy that's been going to several varied media outlets since 2007. That could be a website, a network, a channel, a company or magazine. With my experience in multi-media journalism I would be a great fit for any employer looking to add more media to their online presence through their writing, branding, videos, audio and more. But I'm also excited by any opportunities that may only focus on one aspect of my training in writing, radio, or video. Of course, the industries that I truly love have everything to do with travel, tourism, theme parks, film and geek culture. So I would be a great fit for any magazines, TV shows, or media outlets that have anything to do with any of those special niche fields.

This May, I will graduate with my MA after two long years of very hard work. I've been teaching undergraduate English students creative writing as part of my assistantship during this time. I've also been assisting the Head of Creative Writing at Ball State University in planning special events and writing festivals, updating the website and just generally keeping up with as much PR as our department's budget will allow. (This sometimes calls for some creativity with display cases, billboards, flyers, etc.)

During this time I chose a few small freelance assignments to maintain while I was earning my degree and I also added radio journalism to my resume, working for Indiana Public Radio by creating stories that aired on our local versions of "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition". I also honed my video and audio editing skills in Final Cut Pro and Audacity while working on these stories.

What I love most about all the different types of writing and journalism, from the pages of a well-sculpted magazine layout to funny video for the internet to no-nonsense radio stories for commuters, is the actual process of creation. In short, I love to work. To me, it doesn't feel like work. A day of shooting video or a trip to go interview someone or the hours spent chipping away at a draft are all genuinely fun for me and I'm looking for a place where I can work with an editor or a manager that will give me creative marching orders.

I will, of course, be applying to jobs the good old fashioned way. But I also wanted to just put it out there for my own peace of mind as a statement of purpose. I'm looking to start the next phase of my life. I'm prepared. I'm excited. I graduate in the first weekend of May and can start a new job as early as May 16th, factoring in that extra week that it may take us to move and relocate, something I am eager to do. I love my home state of Indiana, but it limits me when it comes to what types of stories I can pursue because of proximity issues.

Right now I am focusing only on seeking opportunities in Orlando, Florida but I would of course entertain any offers that came from the Orange County area of California or Austin, Texas. These are places I have visited more than once, enjoyed, and have plenty of opportunities in writing, editing, video and radio, specifically related to the travel and tourism industry and the entertainment industry. (Freelance and otherwise.)